Valerie Young 

July 9, 2014 

Today we lost our dear friend and musical partner Valerie Young. She brought so much joy to us all, was a truly gentle soul with many gifts that she shared freely. Her voice is now silent, but we hear her softly singing still.

Looking up to the scattered stars you'll find me, as I dance in circles across the sky...

Expressions of sympathy may
be made to the

Young Family Foundation    
C/O Bloecher
P.O. Box 65
Fisherville, Ky 40023

A foundation committed to supporting alternative health care.

Keltricity is a “Celtic World” band and features contemporary, traditional and eclectic Celtic-influenced music from Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland, England, Brittany, New England, French Canada and wherever!  

"...we had a great audience of students, faculty staff and community residents and gave a standing ovation without hesitation..."
- Philip Hanna, Lindsey-Wilson College  

"...excellent musicianship with compelling vocals that transport you through their sound into the world of Celtic traditions..."
- Nancy Barker, Kentucky Music Wekend  

"...all fine musicians and the voices are wonderful, it was one of those times that we wanted them to keep playing all night..."
- John Benjamin, Celtic Christmas Concert Review  

"...highly professional, organized and dedicated to providing an excellent presentation when on stage...."
- Peggy Bass, Celts on the River Music Festival  

"...whether it be in a small room or an arena you will not find better music or better folks anywhere..."
- John McCormick, Performer

"...a group well worth seeing, even for hard core traditionalists who want the traditional instrumentation and arrangements..."  
- Louisville Music News 

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Keltricity has been selected for artistic excellence to participate in the Performing Arts Directory,a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency,   which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. 


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