Keltricity is a “Celtic World” band and features contemporary, traditional and eclectic Celtic-influenced music from Ireland, Cape Breton, Scotland, England, Brittany, New England, French Canada and wherever!


Left: Scenes from various Keltricity gigs.  
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Keltricity has been selected for artistic excellence to participate in the Performing Arts Directory, KAC logo a program of the Kentucky Arts Council, the state arts agency,  which is supported by state tax dollars and federal funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. 

"...we had a great audience of students, faculty staff and community residents and gave a standing ovation without hesitation..."
- Philip Hanna, Lindsey-Wilson College  

"...excellent musicianship with compelling vocals that transport you through their sound into the world of Celtic traditions..."
- Nancy Barker, Kentucky Music Wekend  

"...all fine musicians and the voices are wonderful, it was one of those times that we wanted them to keep playing all night..."
- John Benjamin, Celtic Christmas Concert Review  

"...highly professional, organized and dedicated to providing an excellent presentation when on stage...."
- Peggy Bass, Celts on the River Music Festival  

"...whether it be in a small room or an arena you will not find better music or better folks anywhere..."
- John McCormick, Performer

"...a group well worth seeing, even for hard core traditionalists who want the traditional instrumentation and arrangements..."  
- Louisville Music News 

" is with profound hesitation that I write and publish this post. We each have our favorite secrets. This is one of mine. Keltricity..."
- Dorothy's Ideas Blog (read more)


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