John McCormick with Keltricity

John McCormick
Phantom Music recording artist

I hope that any and/or all lovers of fine music will have an opportunity to experience the sound of Keltricity.

Keltricity is an acoustic five piece band that is based in Louisville, Kentucky.  The repertoire consists of traditional and contemporary tunes and songs from Ireland, Scotland and Canada.

I know Henry Austin (guitar, vocals) and Laurel Fuson (accordion), from their previous band, My Darling Asleep.  We have shared some concert venues in the last couple of years.  My Darling Asleep was the premier traditional band in this region, in my opinion.  When Henry informed me of the new band, and invited me to share a concert venue in Louisville in November 2009, I eagerly accepted.

We enjoyed a full house at the Rudyard Kipling in Louisville.  This new band, Keltricity, has a load of fine musicianship, repertoire, and such a great personality that is so rare.  The members include Valerie Young, an accomplished keyboard player and singer in her own right;  Joe Burch, a crafty and very tasty mandolin picker;  and Pam Bischoff, who sings and plays whistle and percussion.  I have to say that I was surprised and stunned with Pam’s voice.  If I was forming a band I would welcome her.  Did I mention Henry and Laurel?

I look forward to hearing Keltricity again, whether it be in a small room or an arena.  You will not find better music or better folks anywhere.

Kentuckiana Celtic Festival


Peggy Bass
Executive Director
Celts on the River

Newalbany, Indiana


In my capacity as Director of the new “Celts on the River” Festival and also my role as project manager for the Louisville Metro Economic Development Department, I have had the pleasure of working with Keltricity. Keltricity is a five piece band playing music from the Celtic World. While a relatively new group, all of the musicians have had years of experience with this style of music and bring confidence and skill to their new endeavor. They strive to maintain the traditional sounds of the genre, the predecessor of much of our own native Kentucky music.

I have known several of the musicians in this band for many years through our mutual work with the Irish Fest in Louisvillle. More recently, I became Executive Director of the New Albany, Indiana based “Celts on the River” and again sought out Keltricity to be part of this new festival. I have always found this group to be highly professional, organized and dedicated to providing an excellent presentation when on stage. They have proven to be quite sensitive to the production needs necessary to mount the large festivals and are quick to provide technical and promotional materials. The audiences have always enjoyed this group and I’ve heard many positive comments, including that this band is now the Louisville areas best Celtic band.

I recommend Keltricity highly and look forward to their inclusion on the Kentucky Arts Council Roster of Performing Artists.

Annual Celtic Christmas 


John S. Benjamin
709 Magnolia Avenue
Shelbyville, Kentucky



Back in December I attended a Celtic Christmas concert in Louisville. All of the groups who played that evening were excellent, but one in particular blew me away. The final band on the program was called Keltricity and when they played the place really rocked. The instrumentalists are all fine musicians and the voices are wonderful. It was one of those times that we wanted them to keep playing all night. They did treat us to several encores and, after the final number, I rushed up to them to shake and howdy and tell them just how terrific I thought they were.

Their leader, Henry Austin, knew that I had worked at the Kentucky Arts Council and asked if I would mind writing a letter of recommendation. The group is applying to be included in the Performing Arts Directory so I’m writing to say that I believe that Keltricity would be an excellent addition. They are a talented group that makes wonderful music and I’ll bet that they’ll prove to be a very popular addition to the Directory.

Kentucky Music Weekend


Nancy Barker
Kentucky Music Weekend
Iroquois Amphitheater
Louisville, Kentucky


Keltricity blends excellent musicianship with compelling vocals that transport you through their sound into the world of Celtic traditions.  This high spirited group has performed during Kentucky Music Weekend, Kentucky’s Premier Folk Festival, and is already booked again for next year’s event.
They relate well to even the largest audience, bringing them along on their musical journey.  Even though their stage time is limited during our festival (each act runs about 20 minutes), they were still able to connect with the audience and received a very positive response.  I felt they were also a very big draw to the festival.
Not only is Keltricity a winner for any event, they are exceptional folks to work with....very professional, easy to be around, and enjoyable to know.  Before you know it, you’ll be a fan!

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